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What the heck?

Some long time Tracker users might be confused here because Tracker was always free. This year we changed it up a little bit. A PRO membership is now required for some of the more advanced features which include entering statistics.  $19.99 will get you a PRO membership for a full year compared to other sites that start at around $12/month.

Why the Change?

Really two reasons. First is the performance of the site. The ads slow down the site and make for a lousy experience. We get bombarded with ads all day with TV, radio, internet. One less service ads is a win for everyone.

Second is upgrades and development of new features.  Technology changes daily. It’s important to keep the Tracker updated and relevant so you can enjoy the site for years to come.  Although we do have an Android application, we’re missing an Apple iOS app. It would be nice to invest in upgrading in the mobile space. I think this would make the Tracker community very happy.

What Happens if my PRO account expires?

Rest assured that no data will be lost if your PRO membership expires.  All statistics are safe and viewable. The only change is that you can not enter new statistics until a PRO membership is purchased.

Any comments or feedback please contact Thank you for your support!

The Tracker Team