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Step 1: Joining the Team

  1. Have the new administrator log in or create an account if one don't exist.
  2. Have the new administrator visit your team page and click "Join Team" up top under the team name. If you don't see the link then the new administrator is already a member of the team.
  3. They can choose any of the member options like Player, Parent, Coach or Other. 
  4. Note: If they choose Player then the users information is copied over to the roster player. This will overwrite the information you have for that roster player.
  5. The current administrator will receive a notification that there are pending team join requests.  Approve this new request.

Step 2: Add Administrators

  1. The current administrator needs to log in and visit the home page of the team site.
  2. Under the Team Administrator panel, click Manage Admins.
  3. Select the new administrators name under the joined players list.  Click Make Admin >>